About Me

When Thoughts Collide: Driving Impact Through Discourse

My name is Basil Ennab and I’m on a mission to drive impact in whatever way I can. By day, I’m a student of the capital markets and by night I’m a runner, in between I think about entrepreneurship, investing and innovation and much like you, I also sweat over politics and international affairs.

Impact Investing is a rapidly growing space within the Equity Markets, and is only just beginning to gain mainstream attention. Impact Investing has the potential to radically transform the way individuals, institutions, and investors interact with the financial markets. The next few decades will bear witness to the largest intergenerational wealth transfer in history. In light of the changing dynamics, society has a unique opportunity to hold companies accountable to producing a triple bottom line: socially, environmentally and economically.

Through this platform, I’m hoping to discuss and dissect investment opportunities in public equities that would comply with the commonly held standards for both Impact and ESG investing.